Paul Young IV

Treasury Wine Estates

Assignment: Brand a new wine series for Treasury Wine Estates.

Rationale: Wine is art. The creation of art and wine is as individual as each one’s maker. For example, Francisco Goya’s most notable series, The Black Paintings, underscores mood through the use of dark hues. A special aging process brings the color of Treasury Wine Estate’s Cabernet Sauvignon to similar dark hues, enhancing the mood of special occasions. The precise and delicate brushstrokes of a painting by Monet places the viewer in a dreamlike environment. A Treasury Wine Estate Chardonnay is as carefully crafted as one of Monet’s masterpieces, each taste characterizing a lightness of being.

Execution: To emulate the experience of viewing great art, we created packaging that features labels printed on canvas, authentication seals, and transport packaging that converts to a wine rack.